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Leon Burman

Volunteers’ Week

By admin 02.06.2021

Volunteers’ Week is a time to say thank you for the help our volunteers give us. Welcomers, turret clock keeper, gardeners, trustees, tour guides and river keepers are some of the essential jobs they do to ensure we delight every visitor and that we preserve living weaving heritage at the Mill. To learn more and get inspired, see some of our volunteering stories below.

David, Turret Clock Keeper

My volunteering role is probably one of the most regular at the mill and one which few will even consider. The gardens always look beautiful and there are always volunteers to welcome visitors and expertly guide them around the mill but, once a week, every week of the year, someone has to wind the clock. Without this time for Whitchurch would stand still.

How long have I been winding the clock? I couldn’t be sure but it must be about ten years since I began. Even through the building works, adorned with a hard hat and steel toe caps, the winding continued; it was only during the first lockdown of the pandemic that the clock was stopped. Back to normal again now!

Martin, Tour Guide

I have been a guide for 3 years with the enjoyable, satisfying duty to enthuse visitors about the wonders of silk and engineering, that established a successful silk mill in Whitchurch.

Amanda, Tour Guide

I am Amanda. I’ve been a volunteer for just over two years. My main role is as Tour Guide and member of the fundraising working group, but I have been seen helping to hang an art exhibition, making silk friendship bracelets, and dressing up as a witch for Halloween, all in a day’s work as a volunteer!

Kevin (right), River Keeper

I volunteer for all sorts at the Mill, but you will often find me getting wet in the river when we need to fish things out (not fish, obviously!). I also help with heavy gardening and at events.

I sell duck food for the mill.

Brian, Top Floor Guide

I am holding one of my favourite pictures, a headshot of a male moth. I have found being here very enjoyable and (hopefully) giving visitors a good experience.

What I enjoy most is talking to visitors and enlightening them about the qualities of silk, and how the top floor carries out essential functions and the concentration needed to produce a quality warp.

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