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Whitchurch Silk Mill Trust

Registered Charity Number: 900621

Whitchurch Silk Mill has been open as a living museum since 1990. In 1985, after falling into disrepair, the Mill was rescued by Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust (HBPT), who began restoring the buildings. The Mill opened as a living museum, under the management of Whitchurch Silk Mill Trust, to ensure the survival of silk weaving using traditional machinery and methods.

Whitchurch Silk Mill is now an Accredited Museum that weaves silk and delights everyone visiting. Our collections span over 200 years and about 5,000 objects. We tell the story of 200 years of silk making in Whitchurch and enable visitors to watch skilled Weaver Tacklers using 19th-century machinery. We aspire to be a centre for heritage silk weaving with a national reputation.

Moreover, we run year-round exhibitions and events juxtaposing our traditional heritage with modern, vibrant events attracting new audiences.

Charitable objects

To educate the public in the history of the production, design, distribution and sale of silk and other textiles and their connections to Whitchurch.

  • To secure for the benefit of the public the preservation, restoration, improvement, enhancement and maintenance of the features and objects of historical and industrial interest at the Silk Mill, Whitchurch, Hampshire, and its environs, and also the art of silk making.
  • To achieve these aims, the Mill is open to the public six days a week (Tuesday to Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays) from 10.30 am to 5 pm.

The principal aim of a visit to the Mill is to learn about 200 years of silk making in Whitchurch and to watch skilled workers using 19th-century machinery.

Whitchurch Silk Mill Trust cares for this heritage in trust, making it available to the widest possible audience.

Our Collection

Whitchurch Silk Mill’s collections span over 200 years and about 5,000 objects. Find out how we organise and develop our collections and their history in our Collections Development Policy.

Our Staff

Whitchurch Silk Mill Trust and its Trading Company employ 23 staff members at an FTE of 11. The team is ambitious for the future of the Mill and its collection of silk woven on-site. They create and deliver exciting events and exhibitions, first-class service and experiences, and work at the heart of the community they serve. They are true brand ambassadors with genuine affection for the Mill and a drive to delight every visitor.

Our Volunteers

Always ready with a warm welcome and a willingness to share their knowledge and answer questions, our volunteers are at the heart of the Mill Team. They help with all our activities, from greeting visitors and sharing our story as stewards and tour guides to conservation cleaning, documentation, fundraising initiatives and helping at events.

Our Board of Trustees

Our Board brings together a talented, experienced and enthusiastic team with a broad range of specialisms. We currently have eleven Trustees, Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust, Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and Whitchurch Town Council each nominate a Trustee. Others come from a variety of backgrounds, from heritage to business. All Trustees are appointed to the Board for an initial term of three years, with eligibility to re-stand for a further two terms.


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