The Hide – Whitchurch Silk scarf


The Hide family have played a vital part in the survival of the Mill to date. On 6 November 1886, the Mill was sold by auction at The White Hart Hotel in Whitchurch. The Mill was bought by local shop-keeper and draper John Hide for his son James. In 1911, John Hide died, leaving James sole owner of the Mill. Throughout this period, the Mill wove silk for Burberry, producing 22 different colours of silk lining for their famous raincoats. James Hide remained the owner of the Mill until 1956 when Stephen Walters & Sons stepped in to purchase it and continue the production of silk. To this day the Hide family remain well connected the Mill and Liz, a relative of James is even one of the trustees.

Now, inspired by the weaving during this time, ‘The Hide’ silk been designed by trustee Annette Poulton as part of our previous owners collection.

23 scarves Limited Edition scarves have been woven in this striking design of bold stripes and classic colours. Using our Victorian and early 20th century machinery, our small team of highly skilled Weaver Tacklers use traditional silk weaving skills to create beautiful artisan silk cloth. From winding bobbins, to hand twisting ends of a new warp, each time consuming step of the production process is done with care and attention to detail, to ensure a beautifully crafted end result.

Approx. 43 x 180cm woven. 100% silk. Available in a variety of colourways – please email or call 01256 892065  to discuss availability or colour will be selected at random.

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