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11 Sep - 21 Nov

Threads in Sheds

Threads in Sheds is the latest exhibition from the British Tapestry Group. This leading membership organisation aims to promote woven tapestry as a contemporary art form.

Thirty Six full members of the British Tapestry Group from all regions and nations of the UK and international members have created new tapestry weavings which reflect the heritage and traditions of weaving and shows contemporary weft faced tapestry weaving at its best and most innovative including all styles of weaving, figurative, three-dimensional, contemporary and styles we are yet to experience.

The title “Threads in Sheds” references the technical term in weaving where the weft thread is placed in-between the warp threads as well as the historical building where weaving takes place. To reflect the historic silk mill where the exhibition opens all the work includes a significant element of silk.

The openness of the subject matter has lead to the members’ creativity running riot, with a vast range of ideas being expressed to create original designs in an array of colours, materials and techniques. The choices are endless with tapestry weaving.

The aim was to push the boundaries and create an exhibition to excite and educate both the weaver and the visitor, to showcase and celebrate the making of vibrant tapestry weaving from weavers of all levels of experience and stages of their creative career. Experienced weavers have enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with new ideas.

Please note, a large number of the works on display are for sale and by purchasing them you will be supporting both the artists and the Mill. The small works will be available after the exhibition finishes, whilst the large pieces will be dispatched to you after the second exhibition at Farfield Mill finishes in March 2022.


Image copyright Anne-Kirsti Espenes

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  • Date 11-09-2021 - 21-11-2021
  • time10:30 until 5:00
  • Suitable forAll
  • Ticket price Free with admission
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