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09 Jul

The Sex Lives of Kings

Not to be missed - a highly entertaining account of 'The Sex Lives of Kings', by former Beefeater Tony Stafford.


For almost a thousand years the Sex Lives of England’s Kings, or indeed the lack of them, have effected the lives of ordinary people in England. Even today many supporters of the Whitchurch Silk Mill will start and end their day influenced by the nuptials of the Merry Monarch. Why is that?

Whose mother in law bared all and why do we say, sleep tight? The plot thickens, but what’s that got to do with oranges? Fear not. All this and much more will be revealed.

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  • Date 09-07-2024
  • time7:00 until 8:30
  • Suitable for
  • Ticket price £15 per person
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