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23 Mar - 28 Apr

Stripes – Exhibition

An exploration into stripes; a pattern synonymous with Whitchurch Silk.

Stripes – A striking pattern that can highlight or censor, distinguish or unite, this exhibition will investigate the creation, history, and use of stripes since the invention of textile production. Drawing from the Mill’s own extensive archive of silks and enhanced through loaned objects from collaborators, visitors will glimpse the infinite number of possible colours, forms, and applications of the stripe.
From once being the devil’s mark to what is now an iconic print of high fashion, we hope our audience will discover that this familiar pattern, unlike a tiger, really can change its stripes!

Included in your entrance ticket to the mill.

Event Type

  • Date 23-03-2024 - 28-04-2024
  • time10:30 until 5:00
  • Suitable for
  • Ticket price Free with admission
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