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22 Jan

Food is Life

Steph from 'Food is Life' is a qualified Sport and Exercise Nutritionist, whose lean-bean courses and 1-2-1 workshops will enable you to master your nutrition claim your health.

Steph says:

"Let’s be honest losing weight + getting healthy has been a goal every New Year … so how are you going to make 2020 the year it happens?

Why is 2020 the year achieving your goals finally overrides your excuses? I could sit here writing about how calories are KING. Drink more water, eat more vegetables. And that you just need to eat less and move more. But you know that. You’re just not doing it. So let’s take the start of 2020 away from salads and overdoing it in the gym. Instead, I want you to think about your WHY. By the way… your why isn’t, “I want to lose weight for real this time”. That’s everybody’s goal!

Your WHY: What is your deep, meaningful, emotional connection to not wanting to stay looking like you currently do? What’s holding you back from being truly, unapologetically happy? Why do you not feel confident in your own skin? 2020 needs to be the year you go DEEP and emotional. It’s a scary place to go, I know that. And it’s possible you will uncover some home truths about yourself that you may not like. But if 2020 is going to start differently. Go DEEP and find your WHY. Ladies and gentlemen, I wish you the best of luck this year."

Join Steph at the Mill to find out about why food is life!


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Fee Talk: Food is LifeFree

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  • Date 22-01-2020
  • time12:00 until 1:00
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