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17 Apr

Enigma: The Making and Breaking

by Alan Watson OBE, who will be talking about the cyphers and cypher machines


Alan is a former Merchant Navy radio and electronics officer whose duties included codes and cyphers. This sparked a lifelong interest in the subject and led to a collection of machines, including a German Enigma, which he will demonstrate.

The story of Enigma is now well known, so Alan will concentrate on the development of cypher machines, particularly what made Enigma special and why it was so hard to crack. He will explain the methods to break it, from the Polish cryptographers’ early attempts to the mechanised approach at Bletchley Park.

There will be an opportunity to get “hands-on” with four machines: a German three-rotor, a Swiss NEMA, a Swedish Hagelin and a Russian Fialka.

All tickets must be booked in advance. In aid of Living Weaving Heritage at the Mill

Please note tea and coffee will be available for donation.

Event Type

  • Date 17-04-2024
  • time7:00 until 8:30
  • Suitable for
  • Ticket price £15 per person
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