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Commemoration and celebration

We offer meaningful ways for you to commemorate and celebrate the life of a loved one.

Easter events and activities in Whitchurch illustrated by a photograph of spring crocus on a lawn with the red brick Mill in the background

Scattering ashes

Ashes can be scattered from the back of Whitchurch Silk Mill into the River Test.

If you want to scatter ashes at the Mill, please call to secure the date and time you want (01256) 892065. We will give you the written permission you need, and we will be able to tell you about the area.

We’ll try our best to accommodate a quiet time to give you privacy and a peaceful atmosphere.

We are also sensitive to our visitors and neighbours, so any ceremony should be held as discreetly as possible.

Scattering of ashes, £140, including an admin fee and pre-visit to Whitchurch Silk Mill to discuss arrangements. 

Holding a Wake at the Mill

The Mill has an indoor space and outdoor gazebos, an ideal venue for a reception or ‘wake’ for up to 30 (indoors) and 50 (outdoors). Both areas overlook the Mill Gardens and River Test. Please see a Sample menu here.

Remembering us in your will

We are very grateful to those who kindly donate to support our work and the upkeep of this special place. By donating or remembering us in your will, you could help keep Whitchurch Silk Mill open for people to enjoy for generations.

We understand how powerful it can be to leave a legacy behind. We promise you that your Legacy gift will be treated no differently from the objects and stories in our precious collection.

By leaving a gift in your Will, you will help preserve Living Weaving Heritage at Whitchurch Silk Mill for many generations.

Your legacy could support any of the following:

  • The protection and conversation of our historic machinery
  • Dynamic and inclusive education, activities and exhibition programmes
  • Our team of highly skilled weavers, who continue to pass on traditional silk weaving techniques to the next generation
  • The preservation of Whitchurch Silk Mill and its picturesque grounds

Ways to commemorate a loved one

Memorial Benches

Whitchurch Silk Mill can provide the opportunity for commemoration and celebration by installing a limited number of memorial benches within the historic grounds as a lasting memory of a loved one. The tranquil grounds, abundant with wildlife overlooking the beautiful River Test, provide the perfect setting for a lasting memorial whilst contributing to the ongoing preservation of this unique example of Whitchurch’s industrial heritage.

Once installed, the bench will be lovingly cared for and maintained by volunteers for ten years, ensuring it always provides an attractive place for visitors to rest and enjoy the special environment. After ten years, the memorial plaque will be removed and placed within the estate in an area dedicated to donors and benefactors of the Mill.

In the unlikely event of the bench becoming unserviceable within the ten-year period, the plaque will be transferred to another bench and maintained until the completion of the ten-year period.

The Mill will provide the bench and a memorial plaque. The plaque will be of brass, 150 x 75 mm. The sponsor may determine the layout and inscription. The plaque will be secured to either an existing hardwood bench within the estate or to a new bench of a style consistent with existing estate furniture. If secured to an existing bench, the bench will be refurbished before installation.

The one-off payment includes the bench, an inscribed brass plaque and ten years of annual maintenance, followed by moving the plaque to the area dedicated to donors and benefactors of the Mill.

Two options are offered:

Memorial plaque attached to an existing, refurbished bench……£950

Memorial plaque attached to a new bench………………£1500

Get in touch

Please get in touch with our team, who can advise you on how best to leave a legacy gift to Whitchurch Silk Mill in your Will or discuss a memorial bench. We would be delighted to explore the areas of the Mill that interest you most and how your gift could help support that work further.

We are also happy to discuss how your gift would be acknowledged.


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